I have used Pro Build for numerous different projects including hightening a wall…..garden landscaping…..retaining walls and to build a stone faced summer house.

Pro Build has first of all a solid work ethic….often staying late or working on weekends where necessary to complete the job within set timescales. This was the first thing that impressed me from the start.

Ive seen the team work in blazing sunshine and under tarpaulin in the rain to ensure completion deadlines are met. This type of commitment is hard to find nowadays in my experience and was the first thing that impressed me from the start.

The standard of work and finish is excellent. Ive often needed quite tricky jobs undertaken that involved problem solving and thinking outside of the box. Pro Build has accomplished this and if any unforseen hurdles have presented themselves they have been address and overcome with the right attitude if you follow. No low whistles and scratches of the head!!!

Ive used ProBuild for big projects and small. Some have been weeks of work and some mearly a couple of days and nothing changes the excellent standard of service is consistent.

In light of this I wouldn’t hesisitate to recommend Steve and team and I would be happy to show his work to potential customers.

Mrs H J Maskelyne

Weston s Mare