There is endless speculation upon whether stone or brick is the material to go for when building a project. The material a person uses depends entirely upon what they are building and the requirements of their project. Here is an overview of both materials to help you make that all important decision…


  • Stone has the ability to be cut to any required size.
  • As it is a natural material, stone adds an elegance and aesthetic quality to a building and gives it a timeless characteristic.
  • Stone must be quarried which has an environmental impact. In addition to this, it also has to be dressed and transported.
  • Building a wall with stone is a slow job which requires plenty of patience, time and skill.
  • Stone buildings are much colder than brick buildings. That being said, they are good in heat as the thick stone is able to capture the cool air inside, however heat doesn’t stay inside in the same way during cold weather.


  • The heating process which is used in order to make bricks has an impact on the environment.
  • Bricks come in a wide variety of types, textures, sizes and colours which means that you are endlessly spoilt for choice.
  • Brick can be a relatively expensive material to build with depending on your project. However with costly labour comes quality labour..
  • The main ingredient in bricks is clay which is fired to roughly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the overall product is fire proof and non-combustible. This means that brick made builds are a good choice for fire prevention.

Here at ProBuild, we are an expert bricklayer in Bristol and we know everything there is to know about bricks. When it comes to these rectangular blocks, we know best! If you think bricks could be for your project, get in contact today to find out more information!