Who knew that there were so many different types of facing brick? Welcome to the world of bricklaying! A facing brick is the type of brick which is used within the face of a wall and is intended to be visible. They are usually the first thing a person will see in a wall and can be made out of a range of different strange materials. Here are the different types of facing bricks…

Wirecut Extruded Bricks: With this, the clay is forced out and cut into individual pieces of brick. It is a cost effective and effective production of bricks which is done by an automated system. These facing bricks come in a variety of colours and styles.

Stock Bricks: Slightly more expensive than the wirecut bricks, these kinds of facing bricks are a soft mud which can be irregular in shape.

London Bricks: With clay extracted from south east England, the traces of oil is burnt away during the kiln burning process with this kind of facing brick.

Arch Bricks: This is a term which is used for bricks that are burned immediately. Due to this, they are over burnt and therefore can be distorted in shape- however tend be high in quality.

Salmon Bricks: Situated near the outside of the kiln during the burning process, these bricks are slightly under burnt and therefore generally softer. Due to this, they are less quality, however these differences do not affect the shape.

Waterstruck Bricks: This brick is a soft mud moulded brick which utilises alluvial clay. This type of clay was deposited at the end of the ice age and is pressed into a silicate lined mould. When removed, these bricks are left with a textured effect that is only achievable with this method.

Engineering Bricks: Named due to their strength and water absorption, engineering bricks have a high strength and very low water absorption. They are usually used in civil engineering as well as damp courses and structural designing.

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