Bricks are the material when it comes to construction due to the many advantages that they provide. Here are a few of our favourite brick advantages which explain why this material has a high popularity amongst bricklayers and clients alike…

  • Bricks come in a wide array of natural and eye catching colours as well as a range of textures. This means that they have an aesthetic quality which many people like due to their ability to be added into almost every design.


  • They have a very high compressive strength. This means that they are able to withstand a very heavy amount of weight before they begin to facture, making them an excellent material for long term use.


  • This material has an ability to release and reabsorb moisture, making it extremely useful when it comes to regulating the temperature and humidity inside a property.


  • Bricks are able to give a fire protection max rating of 6 hours when they are prepared and laid properly. This is a very valuable advantage when it comes to keeping the family safe inside the home.


  • Being able to exhibit above the normal rating for thermal insulation, bricks are able to help regulate the temperate inside where other materials cannot. This is due to them slowly absorbing and releasing heat where necessary. Interestingly, this process saves more than 30% of available energy compared to other materials such as wood.

Here at ProBuild, we love it when our customers know all the advantages they are getting with their bricks! As the best bricklayer in Bristol, we think that it’s important to know what you’re getting for your money. Get in contact with the team today to find out more information!